The Power of Counselling


After Brianne passed away, I saw a counsellor very frequently and was able to discuss the traumatic event of losing Brianne as well as work through my grief. Each time I would see my counsellor I was able to openly share my experiences and emotions. I was able to cry, laugh or sometimes even just sleep. I am so grateful that I had a safe space to help me deal with the trauma I experienced. Growing up, I also watched Brianne go to counselling and this became a large part of why I chose to go to counselling, knowing that my older sister had. To have someone listen and to genuinely care after losing Brianne meant everything to me.

You might read the words “genuinely care” and be skeptical of how a complete stranger could care about you and what occurs in your life. I want you to know that our counsellors do care. It does not matter if you just stepped into their office and you are meeting them for the first time or if you have been seeing them for years. Our counsellors have huge hearts and they care deeply about our well-being. They want to see you overcome. They want to see you be vulnerable and walk through whatever it is you are going through. Maybe you won’t be standing tall, maybe you’ll fall, but at the end of it all you will have a counsellor who cares and who will help you get back up on your feet.


Often in our times of need, it is that first step of reaching out that can be so very difficult. I want you to ask yourself what is holding you back from reaching out? Throughout the years, I have heard many people share their resistance to seeing a counsellor or talking with someone about what they are going through. I understand that everyone has a different way of coping, but before saying no, think about giving it a chance. When I have  spoke with a counsellor, I walk out of their office refreshed, ready to take on another day and with more understanding. When we are in crisis or dealing with a difficult time in our lives it can be very beneficial to have someone there to listen. They can help you understand why you might be feeling a certain way or how things connect in your life. Sometimes you just need to let things out, to say those words that have been swirling in your head for months, weeks or days. If you have been questioning whether or not you should reach out, then please do.

Being 28 now, moments of grief and the trauma I went through still resurfaces so I can’t imagine how this would be if I hadn’t reached out for help from a counsellor.

Thank you to all our counsellors who do such important work! You are making a difference in many lives including my own.


Jaclyn Kennedy

Callie KennedyComment