Life is Worth Living
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Life is Worth Living
Dedicated toward raising awareness & reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide

100% of the proceeds from all clothing sales are donated to Canadian Mental Health Initiatives 


life is worth living

In loving memory of Brianne carol kennedy


Video by Nelson Vo of ThirteenThirty Creative


Our story

We will never forget August 31st as it was simply the worst day of our lives. The word "suicide" took on an entirely new meaning in our lives. It was the day we lost our older sister to suicide and the day her illness stole her perspective.  Our older sister did not want to die, she just could not cope with the pain any longer and felt that suicide was the only available option left.   It is our hope that by shining light on these topics and removing the stigma it will result in greater accessibility to treatment and another family may avoid the heartbreak and suffering that results from losing someone you love to suicide. 


LIWL Apparel

LIWL Apparel is sold in memory of Brianne to raise awareness surrounding the topics of suicide and mental illness. We hope our recently released line of apparel leads to increased conversation about mental illness and suicide and decreases the stigma surrounding these topics.  Already in the short period that we have offered this apparel, we have learned that each person who has purchased an item has their own story and that they are individuals who have been or are family or friends of individuals who were affected by mental illness or suicide.  Everyone can wear their clothing, share their own story, and spread why life is worth living.


four sisters celebrating life while raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding suicide & mental illness.